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Eating Out

Cooking in Le Marche remains traditional, based on fresh, good quality local ingredients prepared and served with the minimum of fuss. As a result, each local area has its own speciality.

You have the choice of dining in small trattorias, pleasant, reasonably priced ristorante, or in higher priced gastronomic restaurants. Most will have a written menu, but in others, your waiter will tell you what is on offer, often taking pleasure in showing off his or her English translation.

The 'Marchigiani' people eat a lot of meat, but along the coast you will find an abundance of excellent fish and sea food restaurants, but vegetarian options are always available, especially in the pasta and pizza dishes.

There is always an excellent wine to choose from to accompany your meals, with both red and white wines achieving the sought-after 'DOC' accreditation. Look out for the Verdicchio white wines from the Jesi and Matelica districts and the red wines including the Rosso Piceno Superiore and an unusual semi-sparkling red wine.

Eating out is a real pleasure, with an emphasis on 'slow' rather than 'fast' food. Be prepared to linger between courses which are usually very generous and do remember to take your receipt away with you as this is required by Italian law with on-the-spot checks sometimes made by the police outside the entrance.

For the convenience of our guests staying in Casa Tranquilla, there is a dossier in each apartment containing restaurant information, comments and recommendations from previous visitors.

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