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Local Interest

Loro Piceno

If you don't want to wander far from your apartment and the pool, the friendly town of Loro Piceno is on your doorstep. As well as having all the amenities you need for a relaxing holiday Loro Piceno has a medieval core, and contains the beautiful church and convent of Saint Francis of Assisi that was consecrated in 1372. Wander through the archway and explore the quiet, narrow streets.

Make sure you call in to see Peppe Cotto, the entertaining butcher who, as well as specialising in a vast array of good quality pork products, will give you a musical welcome and a glass of vino cotto. Loro Piceno is the proud home of vino cotto, a local speciality sweet dessert wine. It is a delight to walk leisurely along the narrow little streets, stop off at one of the town's restaurants or just watch life go by over a cappuccino or caffe latte.

So many delightful, medieval hill top towns, each with their own characteristic appeal, are easily accessible from Casa Tranquilla. Take a short drive, a gentle stroll through the narrow streets followed by a glass of wine, coffee or an ice-cream - what could be better? Mogliano, Colmurano, Sarnano and San Ginesio are all charming medieval villages, perfect for half-day visits.

Abbadia di Fiastra

Abbadia di Fiastra, just outside Loro Piceno, is one of the great Cistercian Abbeys. Set within its own nature park and very popular with the local population (always a good sign) it is ideal for picnics and family rambles. As well as the cloisters, archaeological museum and frescoes, there are wide open spaces for children to play safely. Here there is an excellent pizzeria, restaurant and artisan shop. The site can be exceptionally busy at weekends, so a visit during the week is recommended.


Urbisaglia (Urbs Salvia), close to Abbadia di Fiastra and Loro Piceno is a Roman site. Excavations and remains can be seen from the main road on your approach to Casa Tranquilla. In the town you can arrange to have free tours of its frescoes, theatre and amphitheatre, which was at one time filled with water and where slaves fought each other in boats.


Sarnano, a bustling, medieval town, overlooked by its quiet, rather austere, medieval borgo, topped by two solid towers, has been left very much alone by modern-day development. A steep, winding street leads up to a little square, Piazza Alta. The town's medieval Palazzo del Popolo has a finely decorated Gothic-Romanesque portal. The more recent Palazzo Municipale, in via Leopardi, houses a small art gallery which includes a Madonna and Child with two angels by Vittore Crivelli, younger brother of the more famous Carlo.

The waters of Sarnano are claimed to be beneficial for a whole range of complaints, including gout, arthritis and liver problems. The town has several hotels which provide a convenient base for exploring the Sibillini mountains. A good wide road winds up from Piazza della Liberta, in the modern part of the town, until, after about twelve kilometres, it reaches Sasso Tetto, one of the Marche's main ski resorts, well equipped with ski lifts and accommodation.

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