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Weather in Le Marche

Casa Tranquilla is located mid-way between the Adriatic coast and the Sibillini Mountains at an altitude of 220 metres, about 200 metres below Loro Piceno. Our south-facing site means that we enjoy a sunny aspect so that during the winters you can still feel the warmth of the sun even if the air is rather cool.

Winters tend to be relatively short, although cold spells can occur when the Mistral wind blows down off the Alps. However, Spring with its unpredictable weather is on its way by March and we have often enjoyed sitting out on the terrace for breakfast and lunch at the beginning of April. May brings light showers and bright intervals with a gradual increase in temperatures.

Summer usually arrives at the beginning of June, and is characterised by a period of hot dry weather with temperatures rising to the mid-30s in the day and not usually dropping below about 20 degrees Centigrade at night. There will normally be the occasional heavy thunderstorms in July and August, which are quite spectacular and accompanied by strong valley winds, but they do blow over quite quickly.

UV levels are much higher than in the UK, and the sun is very bright at any time of the year, necessitating good eye protection - it's no wonder the Italians love their sunglasses so much! September is more settled, leading into Autumn with its stunning colours and beautiful mellow light conditions. Overall, the weather patterns are similar to those in Britain, but temperature and rainfall ranges are typically greater. For those who like to know more about the annual weather month-by-month please go to the Belle Marche website for more detailed information.

For a good forecast before you depart we recommend the Italian site because you don't have to understand the language to glean the essential information from the interactive map.